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Thank you for nominating an outstanding business for a Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Business award. These awards will be presented at the Chamber Annual Meeting on December 6, 2018.

Please note, an awards committee member may contact you for more details on your nominee.

The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce recognizes the value added to our community through local non-profits. There are non-profits which serve our community in ways outside of humanitarian efforts. These organizations serve through a variety of ways such as economic development, GOVirginia Goals or strategies, or supporting the quality of life.

Please submit your nomination for the Non-Profit of the Year Economic Goals based upon the following:

  1. Member of the Chamber of Commerce
  2. Hold appropriate IRS designation as a non-profit.
  3. Promoted and developed a positive environment for operation and growth in the NRV.
  4. Has looked for innovative ways to serve Montgomery County.

MCCC Non-Profit - Supporting Quality of Life or Economic Goals - 2018 will be the first year

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