Top 10 Reasons to Join


1.   New Business Contacts – Networking and new business contacts to help your business grow. With 600+ members representing thousands of area employees, the Chamber speaks with a strong and credible voice for business. Volunteers and staff members monitor government meetings and pending legislation to keep members informed on issues that affect them.

2.   Credibility – Credibility to make a statement that you are committed to the future of Montgomery County

3.   Member-to-Member Discounts – Discounts and benefits (Member-to-Member Discount Program) to help you save some money

4.   Leadership Development – Learning opportunities / professional development to help you run a smarter, more profitable business

5.  Community Commitment – Promote the community to help Montgomery County residents enjoy greater opportunities

6.   Referrals – Referrals and sales opportunities to deliver return on your investment

7.   Publicity and Exposure – Publicity and heightened name recognition so customers know who you are

8.   Marketing and Advertising – Targeted, effective and affordable advertising (Chamber Media) to help you advertise effectively on a small budget

9.    A Healthy Local Economy – Create a strong local economy to keep our business momentum moving forward

10. Gain a Voice in the Government – The Chamber is your representative on the local, regional, state and national level. Your voice is heard on important regulatory, legislative and educational issues that directly affect your business.

The Chamber helps to build a more vibrant, prosperous, and connected Montgomery County!